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BearFace  Masks

Comfy masks for big faces and big beards

(& small faces too)

Origin Story


Welcome. My name is Karl, although some friends call me Sparkleboy or StormyBear, more on that later. I am a costume designer and theatrical tailor in Brooklyn, New York. When the pandemic hit, I along with everyone else searched for adequate face coverings. Being a larger faced and bearded person, this proved to be a challenge. 

Fueled by the frustration of not finding any ready-made masks that would comfortably fit, provide full coverage, and stay in place, I created my own. And after seeing multiple friends complain about these same issues, BearFace Masks was born.


But of course I didn’t stop there. In my opinion, if you have to wear one it should at least be fun, if not fabulous! The fabrics I select are perfect for a “Say Something Mask Day!” Oh and did I mention they are reversible?

By choosing BearFace Masks, you are supporting an under-employed union artist who is making ends meet while Broadway remains dark. Every mask is hand crafted by me in Brooklyn. All of my fabrics and notions are sourced from small businesses here in New York and all across the Country.

Now... let's get you masked.

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